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Arcane Mysticism

by Therange Freak



VISIONARY SHAMANICS RECS are happy to present their 6th VA


High above darkness and chaos standing upon their secret towers. Tribe of mystics begins chanting, dancing and casting arcane spells into night sky. Their sorceries opening an ectoplasmic portal to another dimension, supernatural paranormal frequencies sonicly come through the otherworldy gateway turning air around into pure crystallized energy. Visionary Shamanics wishes to show magic still exists congregating an arcane group of mystical storytellers, they will take us all on an epic journey, unknown forces to be rediscovered.

This is their story this is Arcane Mysticism

Mighty esoteric currents of magic in psychic rivers flowing,
tribal arcane practitioners telepathically tap mystical knowing,
intonations from spells scrolls enhanced by wand or staff,
using exotic array of components for spells sorceries to cast,
consulting oracles runes angels demons and guides involve,
talismans of ancient glyphs morphing holographic symbols,
drawing magical circles spinning hexagrams within pentagrams,
integration of vast transcendental order within chaos understand,
activation of intense spiritual transmutations metaphisical,
collective imagination and dreams visionary states for all,
illuminations of intuitively divine understandings the way,
sacred experiences perception of cosmic unities mystery play,
celestial transcendentalism creates unitarian universalism,
occult arcane mysticism using in shamanic tribal ritualism,
negative to positive changing black smoke to white light event,
facing shadow self journey of endarkenment to enlightenment,
transformation of global culture at festivals via re enchantment,
mystically interwoven threads in psychedelic sonic tapestries,
synergy of visionary arts poetry music dancing and ceremonies.

1.THERANGE FREAK - INTRO - Arcane Initiation 04:38
2.SHIVA OM - Druids Circle 09:04
3.HAGENITH - Puella Paradiso 06:41
5.ATOMENTAL - DMT Reconnection 07:25
6.PROPAGUL - Awesome Shrooms 08:01
7.AKKMA - Jungle Dance 07:35
8.GRAIN FUNGUS - Behind Of Nothing 05:55
9.PRIMORDIAL OOZE - Don't Stop 08:00
10.BODHI - Lucid Flashbacks 07:24
11.AKKMA - Dark Shadow 07:31
12.TAAKELUR - Graveyard 07:57
13.AEGOLIUS & HAGENITH - Sugar Cubes 07:18
14.THERANGE FREAK - Misty Fanghorn 08:24
15.TUNGUZKA - Disguised Disguise 08:26
16.PSYCHARGE - Soul Searcher 07:00
17.RAKAILL - Knaket 10:42
18.MORISTOS - Spooky illusions 08:55
19.FLOATY - Black Hole 07:04
20.METAMORPHOCRISIS - Arcane Medicine 06:52
21.GINNUNGAHIMINN - Quid Pro Quo (Parasect & Witch Freak) 07:17
22.NOIZEBUG - Multiple Synthesis 07:26
23.PSYCHEDERIC - Holy Grail 08:29
24.GROBIANS - Ghost Rocket Mystery 08:32
25.SPIRITUZ - Arcane Mysticism 08:25
26.PARACUSIA - Wounded Healer 07:30
27.THIRD EYE OF MONKEY - Millenary Elves 08:07
28.PRIMORDIAL OOZE - Quantum Entanglement 08:18
29.MORKULLA - OUTRO - Ragana Roots 07:55

Intro - Nick Sumbles
Visionary cover Art - Techno Gandhi with nature symmetry by Mike Erva, Font & title arrangment by Therange Freak and logo positioning by Otkun
Shamanic Poetry - Mystical Voyager also feat Poetry interwoven in the realms
Poetry Art - Ultra Trance with font and text arrangement by Otkun-Quantum Digits
Compiled by Mystical Voyager & Freaky G
Mastering - Monno - Onkel Dunkel - www.facebook.com/bimmelimsoundlabs - Denmark
Mastering Track 10 - Arahat
Mastering Track 21 - Petran


released November 6, 2014


all rights reserved



Therange Freak / Shadowls Skopje, Macedonia

"It's all about alien music"


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